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Besides meeting their own personal energy needs using solar, homeowners can save over 40% of the cost of a solar system with Xcel Energy’s Solar Rebates. Let Adobe Solar’s experts give you the details.  learn more »

Benefits of Solar - Residential

Gain Independence from Utility Companies

Over the past few years Xcel has requested more and more rate increases.  Increased prices for coal and natural gas are likely to move Colorado electrical prices higher and higher in the years ahead.  With a solar electric PV system on your home you will be able to lock in your electrical rates for the next 25+ years, and hedge your family against rising electrical rates.

Sunlight Can Make Your Meter Spin Backwards

When your system generates more electricity than you’re consuming, your utility meter will actually spin backwards. You accrue credit with your utility company at the same rate they are charging you.  In Colorado, when you produce more electricity than you use over the course of the calendar year, Xcel will send you a check for you excess generation.

Solar Power Systems Are Dependable

With no moving parts there is little to go wrong with a solar PV system.  Photovoltaic (PV) cells were originally developed for use in space, where maintenance and repair can be extremely expensive and difficult. Once installed, the solar power system requires little…  The most common form of maintenance for a solar electric system is an occasional cleaning of the solar panel surface to remove any accumulated dust or debris.  Even with no maintenance solar can provide clean and quite electricity for 25 to 40 years.

Solar Power Is Better for the Environment

Not only is solar power quite, but generating electricity with solar energy reduces your consumption of fossil fuels, which decreases pollution and greenhouse gas emission. By switching to solar power, you will combat global warming and reduce our nation’s dependence of foreign energy sources.  A solar system for the average 3 bedroom Colorado home can offset over 160,000 lbs of CO2 over the course of its life.  Less CO2 means cleaner air, and a cooler planet!