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The installed cost for an average 4 kW (DC) solar PV System in the Denver Metro area is about $20,000.00. This 4kW system would be eligible for an Xcel Solar Rebate of $9,400.00 and a Federal Solar Tax Credit of (30%) $3,180.00. Using rebates and tax credits available in Colorado you can save more than 60% on the installed cost of a new solar electric, lowering your installed cost to $7,420.00.

Cost of a Solar PV System - Residential

Top three factors which will determine the cost of a solar electric system for your home:


1)      Size of the system you wish to install

2)      Complexity of the installation

3)      Available Solar Rebates and Incentives in your area


How much does it cost to install a solar PV system on my home in Denver?
        Small    Meduim       Large
System Size           2          5          8
Avg Monthly Production (kWh)*         243        610        972
Installed Costs  $12,000.00  $25,000.00  $36,000.00
Xcel Energy Solar Rebate    $4,700.00  $11,750.00  $18,800.00
Est. Federal Solar Incentive (30%)    $2,190.00    $3,975.00    $5,160.00
Net Cost
$ 9,275.00
$ 12,040.00


Note: Production assumes array is located in the Denver /Boulder area oriented facing due south at a 40 degree tilt, and un-shaded between 9-3pm. Prices may vary depending on solar panel supply, solar PV system design layout, and electrical interconnection. Prices do not include sales tax or permitting fees. The estimated costs shown above are for information purposes only and Adobe Solar LLC makes no guarantees regarding the availability or total amount of Renewable Energy Credits (REC's). Tax consequences of installing a solar power system are only estimates and may not be accurate for your specific situation. Customer should consult his/her own tax or financial advisor regarding any tax or other financial benefits associated with the purchase of a solar power system.