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Besides meeting energy needs using solar, business owners can save over 40% of the cost of a solar system with Xcel Energy’s Solar Rebates and an additional 30% Federal Investment tax Credit with MACRS 5-year accelerated depreciation schedule. Let Adobe Solar’s experts give you the details learn more »

Is my business good for solar?

Do you own the property where you wish to intall solar?

Some of the rebates and incentices currently offered for solar do not allow for the 3rd party ownership of solar electric PV systems. 

Do you have a good location for your solar panels?

Southern access is typically best for annual solar PV system performance. Although mounting your solar panels facing due South is typically optimal for energy production, solar panels can also be mounted to East and West facing roofs. Solar panels are most commonly installed on roofs, but can also be installed as attached awnings, ground mounted, pole mounted or integrated into buildings as vertical walls.

Do you have sufficient space available to mount the solar panels?

The size of the solar system your building needs will depend on the amount of solar electricity you would like to produce. Offices and warehouses have different energy needs depending on how they use electricity.  We will depending on what makes most economic sense and help you to understand how much energy we can produce given your avalaible space.

Does your proposed location for solar panels have full sun from 9am-3pm?

Shade can dramatically reduce the performance of a solar electric system. It is very important to take a look around for things that look like they produce shade include in the area you have selected for your solar panels: surrounding buildings, trees, chimneys, vents, skylights, swamp coolers…

If you can answer YES to the above questions, then your business is a likely candidate for a solar PV system. During our site evaluation we will take the necessary measurements and perform a shade analysis to ensure your system is designed for optimal performance. If you would like to arrange a free solar consultation please call us at 303-339-0308 or complete our online form and we will have a sales representative contact you.