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With energy prices escalating, a solar-powered system could be the best investment you ever make. Don’t wait until going green is required: Install a solar system while phenomenal rebates pay YOU to be environmentally conscientious.


2011 Solar Tour in Denver Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES) will be hosting…

History of Solar

What solar is today is not what it was in the ’70s. Solar energy installations on homes as early as the 1970s were solar thermal systems that produced hot water, heating both the water used in the home and serving hot water heat systems as well. These systems typically worked by pushing water or other fluids onto the roof where it was heated by the solar panels and returned to the home for use.  The problem with these older systems was that the solar panels had many mechanical parts which required maintenance.  Over time homeowners found repairing these systems was not cheap. Some of the worst eyesores were homes with old non-functioning solar panels on the street-facing roof. It gave solar a bad name. Not to mention that permitting wasn’t required, so some home and building owners found themselves to be proud owners of non-working systems that never functioned right or at all.  Over the next several decades solar intrigue grew along with the awareness that traditional power was expensive and not getting any cheaper.  Technology today has resulted in systems that are proven, not just promising. The solar panels installed by Adobe Solar can withstand hailstorms pelting the panels at 25+ MPH. All of our systems are designed to meet or exceed the necessary snow and wind loads for your area.  Adobe Solar takes great pride in engineering and installing systems for our clients today that are certain to last for decades, proving their worth from the first month of operation. Moreover, we take great satisfaction in knowing that our customers are giving back to the planet each and every day rather than depleting its resources.


Solar in Colorado

Adobe Solar designs and installs solar systems in Colorado. That doesn’t mean we couldn’t engineer and build systems elsewhere, but we understand the intricacies of the Denver market and the unique obstacle that exist here, so we have chosen to focus on our area of expertise. Clearly one of the benefits to residents of Colorado who are considering installing a solar system is our abundance of sunshine—300 days of sunshine in a year, on average. Besides the desirable climate, solar energy in Colorado has the grassroots support of government. Colorado passed an amendment in 2004 (Amendment 37) setting a minimum allowable production of energy with solar units. The statewide Solar Carve-out requires that 20% of the energy used in the state must be renewable and 4% of that 20% must be solar generated. That commitment to solar says something about the intelligence and commitment Coloradans have toward keeping our state beautiful and our lifestyle respectful of the environment.