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Enphase Micro Inverter Review

March 25 2009 - 7:25:12:pm by Greg

Historically, much of the buzz around solar energy focuses on solar panels, the most visible part of a photovoltaic solar system which is responsible for collecting and converting solar energy into electricity.
In recent months Enphase Energy has started to receive a lot of attention surrounding their Mirco-Solar inverter. Solar systems today use centralized inverters-many panels feeding into a single large one. Enphase is making inverters small enough so that each panel gets its own. This means simplified installation and management, better reliability, and more total electricity per panel.
Beyond offering higher a potentially higher efficiency inverter solution for grid tied solar electric systems, Enphase offers their Envoy Communications Gateway which works with their Enlighten website and allows customers to see current and historical solar production for each solar panel from anywhere they have access to the internet. Finally, since each panel has its own inverter, if one goes down the remaining panels can still generate electricity, reducing downtime.
As for the disadvantages of using the Enphase micro-inverter there are only a few we could find. This is a new product, so we do not have a good idea on the “actual” life span of this product, but you may be comforted to know that Enphase offers a standard 15 year warranty which is one of the best in the industry. Another disadvantage is that these inverters are currently about 2 times more expensive than traditional SMA or Fronius inverters.  Enphase argurs that this cost is made up beacuase the installation is easier and the system will be more efficicient.  However, if cost is a large factor in system design and there are no shading issues with the site at hand, micro-inverters may not be the most economic solution.

Overall, we are very excited about this product and what it has to offer!


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SEIA President Explains Solar Economics

March 24 2009 - 11:22:19:am by Greg

In this interview with Fox Business, Resch describes the current economics of solar and how the solar industry continues to grow while many other businesses fall on hard times. Resch explains that the costs of solar panels continue to fall while the costs of coal, natural gas and oil continue to increase. These falling prices, combined with local and federal solar rebates and incentive create have made installing solar electric a competitive long term investment.



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